MASc + AI Candidate, BEng

Python, JavaScript, SQL, MATLAB, HTML, CSS

An experienced thinker, researcher, and AI enthusiast who is passionate about machine learning innovation leading to impact. As I continue to advance my career, I constantly search for new ways to provide value. This has allowed for me to gain experience in multiple areas with several different projects.

My experience.

I am a master's student at the University of Guelph, pursuing a Masters of Applied Science with a specialization in AI. My research centers on advancing markerless motion capture technology through the power of machine learning. I am dedicated to enhancing the accuracy of open-source solutions, with a specific focus on influencing improvements in human ergonomic assessments.
My passion for continuous learning led me to the dynamic field of AI. Coming from the comparatively slower pace of the medical device industry, I sought a new, fast-paced domain with limitless possibilities. Embracing the fact that I thrive on learning and mastering new skills, I am driven to contribute to the cutting-edge developments in AI.

My education.

Human motion capture is always something that piqued my interest growing up. Thinking about how a subject could stand in place and be replicated, real-time, in a virtual enviroment is so fascinating and a true display of human-machine interaction. Following a few years working in biomedical device design and manufacturing, I decided to shift focus to the rapidly changing field of artificial intelligence.
My research is in the field of computer vision applied to human motion capture. Very close to the completion of my AI specialized Masters degree, I am very proud to share my research findings.
Research aside; I enjoy diving into other applications of AI such as using ML to create new music.

My technical skills.

As I continue to advance my career, I enjoy learning new skills and being pushed past my current level of knowledge. I constantly search for new ways to provide value, enhance my technical accumen, and pursue new knowldege. With this mindset I've gained experience in multiple industries, and have gained a strong will for problem solving.


In my free time I enjoy golfing, biking, and skiing. I have a passion for travelling, learning new cultures, trying new food, and strive to make the most out of everyday. Hobbies include 3D printing and design, making music, and other hands-on projects such as custom keyboard building.